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How do you answer "what do you do" when the individual is in finance?



How would you answer “what do you do?” if the individual you are talking to is either in the hedge fund business or in the same or a similar line of business as a financial advisor?

Coaches response:

I work with plenty of people who work on Wall Street on the investment side of things.  They have a depth of knowledge about that aspect of finance that I simply will never have.  That being said, I have a depth of knowledge about financial efficiency and forecasting he/she doesn't have.  Even the most seasoned professionals need coaching and advice on putting it all together in an integrated plan.  That's what I help them do.  Typically this involves a green tank AND the Spending Game forecast.  Knowing that they have an efficient big picture, an efficient green tank, and a contingency plan with insurance allows them to concentrate their efforts on making the most of their yellow tank.

You can also always fall back on the line "There are some things that I know about money that I'm sure you also know...but what if you don't?  I would feel eternally regretful and embarrassed for keeping those things a secret."

Also, just ask to get their opinion of the PEM.  Most people love to be asked for their opinion.  And inevitably it transitions to him/her applying the PEM to their own circumstances and doing a Retirement Ready or Not forecast.  Stockbrokers and the vast majority of Wall Street professionals are myopically focused on their particular aspect of finance (and that's a good thing!) and don't do forecasting and/or answering the four questions.  So offer to do it for them.  It's not about a product or a sale.

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