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Prospect Wants to Bring Investment Advisor to First Meeting

What should I do if my prospect asks to bring his/her investment advisor to our initial/first meeting?
Coaches response:
I guess the approach fully depends on the member's goal of the meeting and if the COW advisor is licensed to sell AUM or fixed/life-only products.
If the COW Advisor is licensed in both and the initial meeting is for the COW advisor to explain your unique approach, show the PEM, do RRON...Perhaps the prospect will turn to his adviser and ask "Why haven't you done anything like this for me?" 
(I would encourage COW Advisor to NOT to throw the incumbent AUM adviser under the bus though...let the unique process, PEM, and RRON do that for him. )
If COW Advisor only does fixed/life products then perhaps a RRON will show that the prospect truly needs experts in BOTH tanks working together. 
Remember that life insurance, when working as the green tank actually improves the yellow tank (more control of taxes, sequence of returns, "permission slip" to spend, etc, etc).
In summary...bring your "A Game" so that this other adviser is so wowed by your approach, tools, and language that he's compelled to ask "How do I get this software?" hahaha
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