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What does your first meeting consist of to get the go-ahead from the client?

I just watched the Intro to FGPS webinars that you and Brian held earlier in the year, and it seems that he collects all of the initial financial info on the first meeting, and you send the request via email after the first meeting.  What does your first meeting consist of to get the go-ahead from the client?
Coaches response:
There is no precise right or wrong way to present to the client – what works best for you is also best for your prospects and clients.  That being said...I recommend starting your process with those 10 Questions...I've learned that if I do those questions well and have a nice initial conversation, the rest of the process simply falls into place.  However, not every single circumstance allows us to start with the 10 Questions.  For instance, if we are introduced to a new prospect via email, many times those folks ask "What do you need from me to get started?"  In that circumstance, I typically will send the Confidential Questionnaire online link.  When those folks complete that and get it back to me, I suggest a Zoom, a call, or an in-person meeting to discuss my findings and next steps.  And THEN I do the 10 Opening Questions.  
What I have found is that Steps 1, 2, and 3 are now almost interchangeable...with the PEM conversation in there as well.  The order of those might not always be the same....but we have to remember that the entire point of those first three steps, regardless of the order, is to:
  1. Describe your unique approach (using PEM and/or Circle Talk)
  2. Gather enough information to determine how/why you can help these people (10 Questions)
    1. Answer the 4 Questions using RRON or FGPS, and/or
    2. Protect them with an appropriate amount of life insurance
  3. Have the prospect tell you if they want to go through the rest of the process (Steps 6-10; Finding the Money/Inefficiencies)
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