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I got the system installed…Now what?


Ok, you have the system installed and activated. Let’s talk about how to get moving forward. One of the most common issues we see on the support line is that agents spend too much time learning everything, before they present anything. 

When a new subscriber to our system calls the support line, and asks “What do I do now?” We have a quick start track that we send them on.

  1. Watch the Launcher Overview Video - This video will show you how to access the many different Applications and Calculators as well as how to personalize the presentations and adjust settings to your liking.  Type Launcher into the search box of the launcher to bring this video tutorial forward.

  2. Visit the members website: (you were emailed you login credentials).  Click on Member Resources on the menu bar and review these resources.  

  3. At the top of the Member Resources page, click on the Training Course: Circle of Wealth 10 Step Client Process Lessons 1 and 2 (scroll down page to see the lessons).

  4. After you have completed the second lesson, open Circle Talk - Begin working with the actual presentation and use the additional training features to help you learn the script and points to cover. The Help button at the bottom left hand area of the presentation that denotes help:

    • “Documentation″ provides you with a text file that will give you “Points to Cover”, an “Example Script” which is what Don would say when he presents the Circle Talk, and “Math” which gives you all of the assumptions and calculations used in an illustration that happens to be on the active screen.
    • “Audio” provides you with actual audio of Don as if he were presenting to a client.*
    • “Video” provides you with a video explanation as if Don were tutoring you on what to make sure the client gets out of the active screen.

  5. Present the Circle Talk.  Show this presentation to anyone you can get to sit down for it...your assistant, colleagues, spouse, children, etc. Then start showing it to trusted clients, get feedback. This is important. The quicker you see the power of the presentation the better.

* Your PC must be online for the “Audio” and “Video” to work.


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