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How do I move my system from one computer to another?


You purchased a new computer – GREAT!  Follow these simple steps to successfully move your Product Key to the new computer.

First, start by REMOVING the software license from your old computer:

  • Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, and your firewall is temporarily turned off (5 minutes should be fine)
  • Click [START]->[All Programs]->[MoneyTrax]->[Licensing Wizard] (For Windows 8 users, Press the Windows key on your Keyboard then type the word “Licensing” and the Licensing Wizard should appear in the results.)
  • When the Licensing Wizard starts, select “Remove my software license from this computer" (so it can be installed on a new computer) and click [Next], [Next], [Next]
  • WRITE DOWN THE PRODUCT KEY (so you know which Key to transfer to the new computer)
  • Click [Finish]. The Product Key is now available for reuse on the new computer.

Next, license the new computer:

We’ve created a two minute walk-through video showing this process in action.

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