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What happened to 'Remaining Taxes Due' in the FIND-IT Worksheet?


Spending Game v3.0 manages [Required (formerly Remaining) Taxes Due] (Taxable Account - Taxes Paid from Lifestyle) differently than the previous version of the program. Now they are automatically deducted from [Total Spendable Income] just as all other taxes are.

This minor realignment made a huge impact in the simplification of the flow of money across all three complex summaries - FIND-IT, Model & PEM views. Following the money, you can calculate primary columns as follows (from a FIND-IT perspective)

[Gross Income & Withdrawals] - [Total Taxes Paid] = [Total Spendable Income]

[Total Spendable Income] - [Desired Future LS Contributions] - [Desired Itemized Expenses] - [Desired Lifestyle Funding] = [Actual Lifestyle Funding]

As you will see, these values align perfectly with the PEM View and cash flow discussions. 

BTW: If you want to see the number, it's still available as [Required Taxes Due] in the available columns list for the FIND-IT worksheet. However, since it's already accounted for, the column is for informational purposes only.

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