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2015 Spending Game SGv3.0 Release Notes


Known Issues and Limitations:

  • Start Page recent account list names will truncate if there is not enough room to display the entire name (had to temporarily disable scrolling due to a conflict with the new docking tool.)

Summary of changes (newest first):

9/23/2015 - Version 2015.1.0.22

  • Added preference to Sync FIND-IT, Model & PEM views active year.
  • Added deductibility option to Revolving Credit account type.
  • Added deductibility option to Outflow account type.

9/15/2015 - Version 2015.1.0.21

  • Added new display preference to adjust the Auto Step Delay (used by PEM & Model views.)
  • Added new menu option "Open Included Account Windows", which works like "Open All Account Windows", but skips excluded accounts.
  • BUGFIX: Added logic to address intermittant UndoManager error messages when deleting accounts in control panel..
  • BUGFIX: Taxable account calculation issue when paying tax on ordinary returns from lifestyle with negative returns.
  • BUGFIX: Older case files and saved column templates would sometimes cause FIND-IT to inject "ghost account" columns.
  • BUGFIX: Changing preference for age and year calculation did not immediately recalculate displayed values when preference was saved.
  • BUGFIX: Accounts with no name would cause summary view exceptions. SG no longer allows accounts with no name (it will insert "unnammed account" if you try to do so.)

8/14/2015 - Version 2015.1.0.20

  • Added clipboard paste option to property account [Self Financing] column.
  • BUGFIX: Installment loan double-counted the effect of reverse mortgage borrowed cashflow in summary net lifestyle figures.
  • BUGFIX: Annual Summary for All Accounts Report was not displaying Balance EOY or Net Worth columns.
  • BUGFIX: Annuity NDB always visible in PEM View (even when NDB checkbox was not selected.)
  • BUGFIX: Setting outflow account effect on COW to "Taxes" did not deduct the outflow value from spendable income in FIND-IT summary. Similarly, the "taxes" outflow did not show up in all the appropriate columns of the Spendable Income, Taxes, or Annual Summary for All Accounts summaries.

8/2/2015 - Version 2015.1.0.19

  • Find-it worksheet no longer allows annuity accounts with income riders to "fund desired lifestyle" (because the income rider would allow any value to be funded - regardless of the annuity's contracted income stream.)
  • Added ability to reallocate funds to property account.
  • Added [Self Financing] column to property account to accommodate "paying cash" property purchase strategy. It is intended to hold the "excess principal" paid into the house at time of purchase. (Cash purchase dollars paid - expected down payment requirement of a 3rd party loan) and is used as the basis for LOC on self financing dollars.
  • Renamed property account column [Capital Improvements] to [Capital Investments] in order to widen the incoming cash flow scope to include cash purchase scenarios.
  • Excel export mirrors FIND-IT and Annual Summary for All Accounts display column layout.
  • BUGFIX: Property account showed full proceeds from sale as a withdrawal even when reallocating funds to other accounts.
  • BUGFIX: Clicking the delete value button when no model view bottom values remained caused an error.
  • BUGFIX: Taxes on property account sale proceeds did not revert back to zero after rolling back sale.
  • BUGFIX: Cloned property account did not initially recalculate to populate the worksheet with initial values.
  • BUGFIX: Undo framework could set the property account into an invalid "sold" state.
  • BUGFIX: Property account did not save market value override data to case file.
  • BUGFIX: Corrected tanknology typo for annuity account type - thanks Alex!
  • BUGFIX: Undo/Redo actions associated with withdrawals did not save/restore values outside of specified withdrawal period - which became a problem when a new withdrawal depleted funding for a (previously entered) later year withdrawal. In this scenario, the undo operation would restore the values associated with it's specified period, but the (previously entered) later year values would not be restored.
  • BUGFIX: Complex withdrawals would under certain circumstances leave "phantom" withdrawals displayed in their associated account view. (However, the actual data model, calculations and all summaries were still correct.)
  • BUGFIX: Corrected description typo for Reallocation->Reduce.
  • BUGFIX: TDBT reallocation to (qualified) Annuity did not show incoming funds on annuity side of the transaction.

7/7/2015 - Version 2015.1.0.18

  • BUGFIX: Accounts would "move" unexpectedly in case control panel due to overly sensitive drag-drop behavior.
  • BUGFIX: Case file would not open if saved on a machine with a different cultural date format.
  • BUGFIX: Inflow summary view values were all showing zero. Sorry about that.


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