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What changes when I select Canadian as my target culture in COW?


Background Info:
In the Circle of Wealth User Preferences you are able to select from a choice of targeted cultures. (COW Launcher->Settings->Edit Default Case Information->Advisor Information->Targeted Culture) Changing this setting will modify wording and/or functionality in several of the presentations.

Presentation changes for Canadian culture:

Safe Account Benefit List: Guaranteed Investment Certificate replaces Certificate of Deposit.

10 Minute Lesson on Life Insurance: RSP Accounts replaces Qualified Plans, RRSP replaces IRA, TFSA replaces 401k, RESP replaces SEP, 403b removed, MTAR replaces MEC, 1977 replaces 1986, MTAC replaces Maximum Efficient Contract.

PRS Account Benefit List (screen 15): Guaranteed Investment Certificate replaces Certificate of Deposit, 401k option removed.

Position of Choice: GIC replaces CD, 401k removed.

PRS Score Card: GIC replaces CD, 401k column removed.

Personal Economic Model: RSP replaces QP.

Qualified Plans Do Two Things: RSP replaces QP, Question 1 modified, tax bracket calculators removed.


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