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2016 July Release Overview Video


2016 Summer Release New Feature Walk Thru

The MoneyTrax 2016 summer software release includes a myriad of updates and new features. Review the walk thru video for an itemized tour of each one.

Here's a list of what's changed:

  • Spending Game FIND-IT updates
    • New SOLVE-IT side panel control for FIND-IT summary. The SOLVE-IT tool automates many of the common tasks performed on the FIND-IT worksheet - giving you simple button click access to Retirement Ready or Not type solutions.
    • Added comment capability to FIND-IT Desired Lifestyle Funding column.
    • Added ability for FIND-IT to honor and persist customized account column widths.
    • Added partial funding option to Fund Desired Income option of Withdrawal Wizard (FIND-IT view specific feature.)
  • Spending Game reporting updates
    • Added preliminary row filtering to report control panel which provides the ability to easily output common row subsets for reporting purposes. [First xx years], [Last xx years], [Every x years]
    • Added Initial Values summary report.
    • Added Reallocation Summary report.
    • Added Cash Flow Utilization report - which reflects the concepts of the Wealth Potential vs. Expenditures chart in COW.
    • Added FIND-IT (Annual Lifestyle Funding) report.
    • Report formatting refreshed to improve pdf exports and provide report headers on comparison case data when applicable.
  • Additional Updates
    • Added Tax Rate Summary view and calculations to grossly estimate federal marginal and effective tax rates based on taxable income and filing status.
    • Added Loan Drawdown column to Installment Loan account to facilitate the lump-sum withdrawal of funds from the loan as borrowed cash flow (applied at the beginning the year.) A typical use case for this feature would be college funding.
    • Added Loan Principal Paydown column to Installment Loan account.
    • Added optional floor constraint to Specified withdrawal in Withdrawal Wizard.
    • Added retirement age row highlight option to Preferences->Display Settings.
    • Added simple interest option for annuity account.
    • Added ability to paste annuity e.o.y. balance values into annuity account type.
    • Added "Use System Defaults" to column chooser layout options.
    • Added Refresh Account Windows option to window menu. This option accelerates the process of realigning the open account window tabs to your account order.
    • Added new ability to create case review copies that intelligently truncates initial model years.
    • Reviewed replicated last-row data when adding new rows for all account types to ensure all were as complete as possible.
    • Added Latest News RSS to SG startup page.
    • COW document updates and additions: CP Quick Guide, Investors Journal worksheet, Lifestyle Spending worksheet.
    • COW Help button returns to presenter window.
  • Bugfixes
    • Property account was not populating Proceeds CG or Proceeds TF.
    • FIND-IT account column layout had issues when the first active account was hidden.
    • PLI account properties side panel was not displaying accumulation value.
    • SGv2 file import did not set cash surrender value for PLI account.
    • PLI ILIT selection did not exclude death benefit from estate value summary.
    • Cloned accounts were not recalculating the worksheet when first created (but would recalculate with first data change.)
    • Changing the account owner AFTER setting starting/ending age did not reinitialize the cash flows for Inflow, Outflow, Term Insurance accounts.
    • Modified COW page printing algorithm to resolve HP print driver issue.


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