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Where to Begin ...


Once you have the Circle of Wealth software loaded onto your desktop and/or you have logged into, the web-based version of the software, you should begin your included training available on the members website:  

If you purchased the system with the Production Accelerator Course:


  • Log into the members website, click on My Courses > Production Accelerator Course.
  • On the My Courses, PAC page you will find the logistics to participate in the live sessions, shared documents and the recordings archive.  
  • Click here to download the COW PAC Quick-Start Checklist with an outline of where to begin.  
  • Click here for a walk-thru of the Production Accelerator Course resources.


If you purchased the system without the Production Accelerator Course:

  • Log into the members website, click on Training > Member Resources > New Members Orientation.  
  • On that page is a the Training Resource Guide (click here to download the guide); this step-by-step guide will help you learn and implement the system.
  • Be sure to watch the New Members Orientation video to help you get a jump-start on navigating the members website, the software and the client process.  
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