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How to use Presentation Builder


The Presentation Builder will allow you to create your very own module for use within the Circle of Wealth System by selecting any of the screens from any of our existing modules within the system, and combining them to create your own presentation. Combine your favorite screens or modules from the system into a presentation using only the parts you wish. Develop a presentation for use with any client, or custom tailor a presentation for a specific client.

This advanced tool is used to create customized presentation storyboards built upon the extensive Circle of Wealth system screen library. It is intended for use by experienced users who have attained "mastery level" understanding of the concepts and objectives of the existing presentations, and are now looking to fine tune existing storyboards, or create new ones based on opportunities in their particular market environment.


In the following videos you will learn:

- Selecting source presentations, adding screens to your custom presentation, naming and saving that presentation



- Adding custom screen images to your custom presentation



- Accessing your completed Custom Presentation



- Editing, Deleting, Exporting and Importing a Custom Presentation



- Locating the Presentation Builder Help files and video



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