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Circle of Wealth abbreviations and acronyms


Here is a short list of Acronyms and Abbreviations that you may run across in your travels through our training and software.  These are separated by where you might run into them and not alphabetically.  You can use CTRL+F to search this document for what you are looking for. 


Circle of Wealth System


LI - Life Insurance

CP- Client Profile (personality test)

FGPS- Financial Global Positioning System

IFR- Inflate Flatten Reduce

OC - Opportunity Cost

PEM- Personal Economic Model

PLI- Permanent Life Insurance

PRS- Private Reserve Strategy

QP- Qualified Plan

LO- Loan Officer

RMD- Required Minimum Distribution

RRON- Retirement Ready or Not

SSWC- Spender Saver Wealth Creator

TLS- Three legged Stool

TVM/INF/LE- Time Value of Money/Inflation/Life Expectancy


Financial GPS System and Spending Game-  Many of these you may be able to mouse over and get an explanation of inside the calculator


Acc - Accumulation 

Distrib- Distribution

Cap- Capital

CA- Current Age

RA- Retirement Age

LE- Life Expectance

ROR- Rate of Return

% Ordinary- Percent of total investment that is taxed as Ordinary income

PTFL- Pay ordinary Taxes from Lifestyle

Inflate@-  how much to inflate a contribution by percentage

RMD- Required Minimum Distribution

WD- Withdrawal

EWD- Early Withdrawal

LTC- Long Term Care

ILIT- Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

APPR.- Appreciation 

P&I- Principle and Interest

ITR- Independent Tax Rate

CFW- Show this account on Cash Flow worksheet

FD- Fees Deductible

CG- Capital Gains 

M.P.- Major Purchases- refers to the tank in the PEM

DB- Death Benefit

















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