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NextGen Activation - Send Us Your Logo & Picture

  1. To activate your NextGen software, we need your company Logo and a head-shot Photo.
  2. Please see specifications for files listed below.
  3. Email your files to
  4. Please type "NextGen Logo and Photo" in the subject line.

Specification for Files:

  • Preferred format is png, other accepted formats are jpg, jpeg, and bmp
  • Logo File: 200 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall
  • Head-shot Photo File:The 72 pixels wide by 72 pixels tall 



Good:  Example_logo_good.png

Rectangular logo that is more than double in width will fit nicely in the space allotted


Not good:25th_logo.png

A square logo will be too small to fit into space.

Head-shot Photo:


Good:  good_head_shot.jpg

Square photo highlighting your face.

Not good:not_good_photo_large.jpg

A rectangular photo, not focused on your face (it will be unrecognizable).

If you have any questions, feel free to call the support line at 321-369-9470 option 2, or submit your questions to the support team via email at






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  • Avatar
    Alfred Current III

    Good afternoon COW friends. I had my account set up and have submitted a headshot and logo. It appears that I was kicked out of the system. Can you check my account and see what might have happened?
    Alfred Current

  • Avatar
    Theresa Treadway

    Mr Current, I will follow up via email- Brian

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