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2019 Stand-Alone Spending Game V3.0 Download


Welcome to the Circle of Wealth Stand-Alone Spending Game. While we work on programming a new version of the Spending Game inside NextGen, you can download the current Spending Game program onto your Windows Operating System computer.


If you are currently using the Windows-based Circle of Wealth System, you do not need to download this version of the Spending Game. Please continue to access the "Game" via your desktop launcher.



1. Click Here to download the stand-alone Spending Game program

(Requires a Windows Operating System)

2. Launch the program from your Browser or Windows Start Menu

3. Follow the instructions to enter your Licensing Key #

4. Create and save your Spending Games cases locally on your computer.


Important Notes:

1. This stand-alone version of the Spending Game will operate only in a Windows Operating System. (Mac users will need a Windows parallel operating system)

2. All files created and saved will be on your desktop only. Circle of Wealth will not store or sync Spending Game files.

3. This stand-alone version of the Spending Game does not share any data with the new NextGen version of the Circle of Wealth.


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