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How to Change Target Culture to Canadian in NextGen


 Short video below shows you how to change your Target Culture to Canada in the NextGen software:

Here’s a high level list of what’s changed when you select Canada as the culture in the settings:

  • Dashboard - Red Maple Leaf showing you are in Canada mode
  • Tax History - Debt Clock links to
  • PEM - RSP Title in the top tube, removal of the US Tax History link
  • Circle Talk - Registered Plans title, RSP references
  • Retirement Ready or Not - PEM view uses RSP Title
  • Registered Plans 101 - RSP and CRA titles, reference to Withholding taxes
  • Registered Plans - Canadian Plans on first screen, all titles use RSP, no more US$ graphics
  • Mortgage Master - All references to interest deductions removed, US$ graphics removed
  • Private Reserve Strategy - RSP in all titles
  • 10 Minutes Lesson (101 and Traditional) - RSP in all titles, MTAR Date reference
  • Spending Game - Required withdrawals calculated with Canadian schedules
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