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How to Change to Canadian Culture & List of What Changes


Watch video below to learn how to change your Target Culture to Canada in the software and below the video player is the list of what changes:

Here’s a high level list of what’s changed when you select Canada as the culture in the settings:

  • Income Tax CA - New Presentation referencing Canadian Federal Income Data
  • Tax History CA - New Presentation referencing Canadian Tax History 1985 to Present, Debt Clock links to
  • Tax Threshold - New Presentation referencing Canadian Federal Income Tax Thresholds 1985 - 2021
  • History of Inflation - New Presentation referencing Canadian Inflation 1960 to 2020 Annual Inflation
  • Market History - Added "S&P TSX Composite"
  • Annuities 101 - New Presentation referencing Registered Plans, Canadian Pension Plan, Types Fixed & Variable (no Indexed), Key Takeaways Modified
  • Income Game CA - New Presentation referencing Canadian Federal Income Data and Tax History
  • Circle of Knowledge - Links to new Income Game CA
  • Retirement Ready or Not - Links to new History of Inflation and Income Tax CA, PEM view uses RSP Title
  • Personal Economic Model (PEM) - RSP Title in the top tube, removal of the Tax History links to new Tax History CA Presentation
  • Circle Talk - Registered Plans title, RSP references
  • Registered Plans 101 - RSP and CRA titles, reference to Withholding taxes
  • Registered Plans - Canadian Plans on first screen, all titles use RSP, no more US$ graphics
  • Mortgage Master - All references to interest deductions removed, US$ graphics removed
  • Private Reserve Strategy - RSP in all titles
  • 10 Minutes Lesson (101 and Traditional) - RSP in all titles, MTAR Date reference
  • Spending Game - Required withdrawals calculated with Canadian schedules
  • Dashboard - Red Maple Leaf showing you are in Canada mode
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