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Software Updates

For the Windows and MacOS version of the software, there is no link to download software updates.  The software updates itself every time you open it and you are connected to the Internet. 
So, how do you get the updates for the Windows and MacOS version? 
  • Just open the program and it will automatically update in the background
  • Be sure to leave it open a few minutes
  • Close the program, reopen, and you are good to go
You can always tell your version by going to Help in the Menu , then go to About Circle of Wealth®, and there it will show you the latest revision.
NOTE: For the Windows installed version, when you installed the program you must choose that the software is "Only for Me" for the update to happen automatically.  If you did not, you need to reinstall the program and be sure to choose the software is "Only for Me" when prompted. 
For the Internet version is always up to date.
For the Circle of Wealth® apps for your Apple iOS and/or Android mobile device, you would update the app in your devices "app store."

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