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How do I copy-paste information from Word to Report Builder


Explainer Video:

Here is a video showing how to copy out of a Word Document and paste the contents into a template inside of Report Builder

Step 1: Open Report Builder. (See below):


Step 2: Click on “Add Template Page”. (See below):


Step 3: Select one of the “Available Page Templates” by checking the box next to the title and click “Add Selected”. (See below):


Step 4: Under the “Page Queue”, you will see your selected page template. Click on the shown circle with the arrow pointing down located to the right on the page temple. (See below):

Step 5: In the drop down, select “Edit Page”. (See Below):

Step 6: Open the word document you wish to copy and paste from. Select all text and hit “CTRL” AND “C” at the same time to copy text to your computers clip board. (See Below):

Step 7: Go back to COW software and click on “Replace this with your content” and delete the text. (See below):

Step 8: The click “CTRL” and “V” on your keyboard to paste text. (See below):


Step 9: Click “Apply Changes”. (See Below):

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