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List of What Changes in the Canadian Version of the Software: Target Culture Canada


Below is a high-level list of what changes when you select "Target Culture: Canada" in the software Settings: (Click here for the step-by-step instructions to change your software's target culture to Canada.)

  • Canadian Province Rates added to Tax History and Income Tax Calculator
  • Canadian life expectancy tables
  • Provincial Tax data added to the Tax Thresholds
  • RMD Calculator uses RRIF withdrawal calculations
  • Spending Game adds an “RMD Age” field to TDAT, TDBT, and Annuity account types (to support RRIF account minimum withdrawals at any age)
  • A maple leaf is shown on every dashboard section
  • Personal Economic Model - Scenarios selection "Social Security" changes to "CPP / OAS" (representing the Canada Pension Plan)
  • Income Tax CA - New Presentation referencing Canadian Federal Income Data
  • Tax History CA - New Presentation referencing Canadian Tax History 1985 to Present, Debt Clock links to
  • Tax Threshold - New Presentation referencing Canadian Federal Income Tax Thresholds 1985 - 2021
  • History of Inflation - New Presentation referencing Canadian Inflation 1960 to 2020 Annual Inflation
  • Market History - Added "S&P TSX Composite"
  • Annuities 101 - New Presentation referencing Registered Plans, Canadian Pension Plan, Types Fixed & Variable (no Indexed), Key Takeaways Modified
  • Income Game CA - New Presentation referencing Canadian Federal Income Data and Tax History
  • Circle of Knowledge - Links to new Income Game CA
  • Retirement Ready or Not - Links to new History of Inflation and Income Tax CA, PEM view uses RSP Title
  • Personal Economic Model (PEM) - RSP Title in the top tube, removal of the Tax History links to new Tax History CA Presentation
  • Circle Talk - Registered Plans title, RSP references
  • Registered Plans 101 - RSP and CRA titles, reference to Withholding taxes
  • Registered Plans - Canadian Plans on first screen, all titles use RSP, no more US$ graphics
  • Mortgage Master - All references to interest deductions removed, US$ graphics removed
  • Private Reserve Strategy - RSP in all titles
  • 10 Minutes Lesson (101 and Traditional) - RSP in all titles, MTAR Date reference
  • Spending Game - Required withdrawals calculated with Canadian schedules
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